Constantly worried about the development of the people living in our region, the company took the decision to improve the general quality of life.

Kressburgo is on one side a community that grew around the company and on the other side the real Estate company of the Kress Group. The growing comunity of Kressburgo has at the moment around 4.000 habitants, with general social buildings like 2 schools and 1 high school with over 500 children, police station, church, health station, tire station, asfalt roads, etc donated most of the time by the Kress Group.

The company receives also around 2.000 students per year that come from all Paraguay to visit the place (includes informative presentations, tours at the fields and plantations and sometimes a good grill)

The Kress Group is also making constant investments to give more people work. Today we are speaking of about 600 direct jobs that influence the life of other 3.000 in Kressburgo.

The company also offers interships for students in the last school year and to students that come from Agribusiness Universities. In that way this young generation can get free knowledge of the selected carriere and a possible fix job at the company.

The company Kressburgo is responsible for the selling of lots and building infrastructure for the several employees and their families in the village. This company built 69 houses for employees and an apartment building for 200 season workers.

lt is also building at the moment 80 apartments and duplex houses for employees and their families. This buildings are sold to the employees in shares during 15 years.

Ali the Companies activities have as their main goal:

  • To act with environmental responsability, minimizing the negative impacts and preventing pollution from occuring.
  • To preserve the invironment and prohibiting hunting and fishing within the areas protected by the Kress Group, allowing in this way the preservation of the wild and water fauna (toucans, deers, skunks, bears, parrots, wild phasants, pumas, owls, armadillos, lizards, monkeys, akutis, snakes, insects and fish like catfish tha live and breeds in our cristal clean waters)
  • At the property start several springwaters protected by the forest. Also various lagoons and little rivers are hidden. We have around 5.000 hectares of mother forest and around 700 hectares of reforestation of native trees, eucalyptus, australian oak and pine.
  • The Kress Group has a Study of Enviromental lmpact as the Company observes all the effective legal aspects.

We have a great respect far the enviroment and protect flora and fauna in different ways creating synergies between production and nature. We understand the importance of living together with nature to assure a better future for our children.